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Conduction is greater in solids .explain in your own words Why?

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Why did ptolemy have to introduce multiple circles of motion for the planets instead of a single, simple circle to represent the planetâs motion around the sun?
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What type of nuclear decay causes the atomic number of an element to increase by 1?
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At a certain instant after jumping from the airplane a, a skydiver b is in the position shown and has reached a terminal (constant) speed vb = 52 m/s. the airplane has the same constant speed va = 52 m/s, and after a period of level flight is just beginning to follow the circular path shown of radius ρa = 2330 m. (a) determine the velocity and acceleration of the airplane relative to the skydiver. (b) determine the time rate of change of the speed vr of the airplane and the radius of curvature ρr of its path, both as observed by the nonrotating skydiver.
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At what time will the interfering waves have an amplitudeof zero?
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Conduction is greater in solids .explain in your own words Why?...