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if p=-3/2 which is the smallest subset containing the value of 8P

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Acharity is conducting a raffle, and it sells one ticket each to 35 women and 21 men. if 5 winners are randomly selected, what is the probability that they are all men? round to five decimal places. 0.00533 0.06268 0.09537 0.07776
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Iam stuck on one problem. my mind is in absoloute vacation mode. i literallty just need to finish this to be done will give brainliest and all my points if i have to! 1- point free throw and 2- point feild goal. he made 35 shots, and scored 62 points how many of each shot did he make in 1 minute? (i already did the math. he made 8 1-point free throws and 27 2-point feild goals.) 1. write two equations for the problem. (i had a major brain fart.)
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if p=-3/2 which is the smallest subset containing the value of 8P...

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