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Describe a sequence of transformation that shows that quadrilateral RSTU is similar to quadrilateral

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On the way home from visiting his family, vincent’s plane cruised at an altitude of 3.2 × 104 feet. he had heard that a man named felix baumgartner skydived from an altitude of 1.28 × 105 feet. vincent wants to know how much higher felix went on his skydiving trip. question 1 you have already seen how adding numbers works in either scientific notation or standard notation. but can you subtract numbers in scientific notation and get the same results as subtracting in standard notation? to find out, first solve vincent’s problem in standard notation. part a write the cruising altitude of vincent’s plane in standard notation.
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Graph ​ g(x)=2cosx ​. use 3.14 for π . use the sine tool to graph the function. graph the function by plotting two points. the first point must be on the midline and closest to the origin. the second point must be a maximum or minimum value on the graph closest to the first point.
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Which value of y will make the inequality y< -1 false?
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Suppose that the price​ p, in​ dollars, and the number of​ sales, x, of a certain item follow the equation 4 p plus 4 x plus 2 pxequals56. suppose also that p and x are both functions of​ time, measured in days. find the rate at which x is changing when xequals2​, pequals6​, and startfraction dp over dt endfraction equals1.5.
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Describe a sequence of transformation that shows that quadrilateral RSTU is similar to quadrilateral...

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