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What does Kravchenko mean when he says, “the circle…was widened”?

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Read the paragraph. before the industrial revolution, most goods were made by hand, in peoples’s homes. workers would buy raw materials and complete each step in the process to make a finished product. manufacturing by hand took a long time, and therefore, the prices for finished goods was high. industrialization changed all that. machines took over the manufacturing process. these machines were much more efficient than workers creating items by hand. this meant that many more items could be produced, drastically reducing their price, and making them more affordable for consumers. which would be the best example to use to support the information in this body paragraph?
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Which of the following is not a requirement to become a us representative (congressman/congresswoman)? a. be at least 25 years old b. have been a citizen of the united states for the past seven years c. be (at the time of the election) an inhabitant of the state they represent. d. hold a college degree
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In the course of illness senerational campaign against stephen douglas in1858 abraham declared that
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Answer which of the following was a major outcome of european imperialism in africa after the industrial revolution? o a. the area around the suez canal experienced decades of military conflict. b. africans in the belgian congo suffered forced labor and oppression. o c. the discovery of rich natural resources led to african economic prosperity. o d. europeans brought disease to central africa, killing thousands.
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What does Kravchenko mean when he says, “the circle…was widened”?...

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