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Once upon a time in a land over the sea, there lived a girl named Samantha. She was a pretty girl with a good heart,
Though her cruel stepmother did everything in her power
to make her miserable, Samantha always hoped she would
one day meet a kind man and live a happy life.
Which best explains why an author would include this passage as part of the
exposition of a story?Once upon a time in a land over the sea, there lived a girl named Samantha. She was a pretty girl wi

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Read the passage from animal farm. "that was part of the arrangement! " cried squealer. "jones's shot only grazed him. i could show you this in his own writing, if you were able to read it. the plot was for snowball, at the critical moment, to give the signal for flight and leave the field to the enemy. and he very nearly succeeded—i will even say, comrades, he would have succeeded if it had not been for our heroic leader, comrade napoleon. do you not remember how, just at the moment when jones and his men had got inside the yard, snowball suddenly turned and fled, and many animals followed him? and do you not remember, too, that it was just at that moment, when panic was spreading and all seemed lost, that comrade napoleon sprang forward with a cry of 'death to humanity! ' and sank his teeth in jones's leg? surely you remember that, comrades? " exclaimed squealer, frisking from side to side. now when squealer described the scene so graphically, it seemed to the animals that they did remember it. at any rate, they remembered that at the critical moment of the battle snowball had turned to flee. but boxer was still a little uneasy. how does the characterization of squealer support the author’s purpose? squealer's dramatic accusations draw parallels between him and stalin’s propagandists. squealer's uncertainty shows that he is not a reliable ally of napoleon and is ineffective with messaging. squealer's ability to get the animals to listen to him shows that any animal can rise to be a leader in time. squealer's humble interactions with the animals reflect the importance of equality and cooperation.
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Create an accurate summary of the “goodbye” scene between marylin and her brother in “the cold equations”
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What is the biggest difference in central ideas and themes? question 1 options: themes are for stories with characters in them. there is only a central idea if it is explicitly (specifically, outright) stated in a story. central ideas are a main idea specific to the text, while themes are an universal lesson or moral. themes are only found in nonfiction, while central ideas are found in fiction. question 2 (1 point) which of the following is not a true statement about theme? question 2 options: mulitple themes can be found within a single text theme is usually inferred. the theme is always clearly stated by the author or a character. themes should be supported by evidence from the text. question 3 (1 point) what is indirect characterization? question 3 options: all details stated and implied that give the reader information about a character. details such as age, height, or hair color that give the reader information about a character. actions or dialogue said by a character that give the reader information about a character. the description an author gives about the character in the exposition. question 4 (1 point) which sentence best describes lizabeth's development in "marigolds"? question 4 options: lizabeth matures when she recognizes that love is more powerful than hate. lizabeth learns that sympathy and understanding come from recognizing the truth about other people. lizabeth changes her behavior after she recognizes that she needs to be a better example for her brother. lizabeth comes to recognize that the world is too barren to create lasting beauty. question 5 (1 point) how does the resolution of lizabeth's conflict in "marigolds" develop the theme? question 5 options: lizabeth recognizes that she has looked only at herself rather than at other people. lizabeth's destruction of miss lotte's flowers brings about justice over miss lotte's ill-treatment of the children. lizabeth's pursuit of adventure leads her to a more fulfilling life away from the shantytown. the camaraderie of lizbeth and joey creates meaning in both their lives. question 6 (1 point) which of the following quotations best exemplifies lizabeth's childish nature at the beginning of the story? question 6 options: "and one other thing i remember, another incongruency of memory - a brilliant splash of sunny yellow against the dust - miss lottie's marigolds." "by the time i was fourteen, my brother joey and i were the only children left at the house." "'hey, lizabeth,' joey yelled. he never talked when he could yell." "then i lost my head entirely, mad with the power of inciting such rage, and ran out of the bushes chanting madly, 'old witch, fell in a ditch, picked up a penny and through she was rich! '" question 7 (1 point) the story "marigolds" is told in a flashback. lizabeth recounts the details of the incident with miss lottie for the reader years after they have happened. how is this important to the development of lizabeth's character? question 7 options: lizabeth is older now and realizes that she may not have made the best decisions. lizabeth feels sorry for herself now and thinks that miss lottie is still angry. there were so many kids and so little to do, their behaviors should have been overlooked. all of these question 8 (1 point) lizabeth's "world had lost its boundary lines," when she overheard her father crying to her mother. what can we assume about the character of the father because of her reaction to this moment? question 8 options: we can assume that her father is a weak man. we can assume that her father shares his fears with his children and wife often. we can assume that her father is a proud and strong man and that his brokenness is a change in his character. we can assume that until this moment, her father has only cried to lizabeth but not to her mother which explains her surprise.
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This excerpt expresses shelleys idea that poetry is factual?
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