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How does the author’s repetition of “the red-haired, unshaven, untidy man” contribute to the story's central ideas? A It characterizes Lizzie’s family as hostile and immoral, and helps explain how she inherited these same traits which eventually result in the story's climax. B It matches the structure of the rest of the text, emphasizing the repetitive nature of life in America's cities .C It emphasizes the struggle that Lizzie's father had to endure in life, suggesting that his own father was just as neglectful to him as he is to Lizzie. D It highlights the significance of Lizzie's father's lack of positive influence on her life, which ultimately leads to her crime and early death.

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In melville's "bartleby the scrivener," why does the narrator refuse to fire bartleby even after bartleby has told him he will never write for him again? select all that apply
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Hi how are i have some questions about english subject can you answer for me ?
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How does the author’s repetition of “the red-haired, unshaven, untidy man” contribute to the story's...

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